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Why is private training for you and your dog so valuable?
  • One on One instruction and attention
  • Customized training plan for you and your dog
  • Convenience! We come to you or where we need train.  
  • Your dog learns in his/her everyday environment.
  • No classroom environment distractions to slow you down. We add distraction when needed. 
  • Follow up is easy
  • Visiting your home allows me to find the small things we can correct that make a big difference
    ​in your dogs behavior.  

    Training Options: 
  • Puppy, Juvenile and Adolescent dog training 
  • Canine Good Citizen (CGC)
  • (BMOD)Behavior Modification, anxiety, fear, aggression, shyness
  • Housetraining 
  • Off leash recall 
  • Walking Manners

Patience, Communication, Structure, Reinforcement and Discipline.

There are many reasons you might call a dog trainer and they are almost always good ones.  Which dog trainer you call is the kicker.  Lets first consider what kind of relationship you want for you and your dog. Do you want your dog to listen to you in every situation or else? Understandably, many people do. However would you not prefer your dog to want to engage with you and offer behavior you enjoy because you are fun and he/she trusts you?  You see where I am going right?  OC Canine Coaching offers training to optimize the relationship with their dogs.  This may be in the form of puppy training, basic obedience training, or serious behavior work. While they all require your sincere commitment, nothing is more rewarding than the love of a good dog, and they are all good. It's us who get in the way of that.  

Since, dogs don't speak our language and in fact don't really use a verbal language at all.  Our Challenge in training is opening the lines of communication, setting clear predictable rules, ensuring safety with precise, consistent and systematic reinforcement of the behaviors we would prefer and the removal of all reinforcement for the behavior we might find bothersome.
So, whether you're starting out with a new puppy, adopting a rescue, integrating a new dog into your family, seeking training for an adult dog or looking for additional help with exercising your dog, you have found a great resource in OC Canine Coaching. 

 My training is reward based and I prefer to use the accuracy of a simple clicker which I have found can drastically speed up training and make it even more fun for the dog.  I look for the cause of behavior and address that rather than a symptom.  You will find my corrections are minimal and I am very attentive to your dogs stress levels.  It is well known that punishment hinders the learning process.  In light of this, choke, prong, and e-collars are not recommended.  I don't find the need to dominate your dog and instill fear like traditional trainers might.  I don't subscribe to the faulty wolf pack mentality of heavy handed celebrity trainers.  The Alpha (Pack Theory) model has been debunked and we now have a much clearer understanding of dogs and their social structures as well as how they think and communicate.   

OC Canine Coaching is top notch family dog training 

Our first priority is helping families better appreciate their dogs and engage them with a deeper understanding of their needs while learning how to reinforce and maintain desirable behaviors, alleviating the need to punish.   

OC Canine Coaching proudly services most of Orange County including: Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Santa Ana, Irvine, Corona Del Mar, Laguna Beach, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, Orange, Tustin, Westminster, Aliso Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita, Lake Forest, Villa Park, Garden Grove, and Fountain Valley.
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