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Dog training is a team sport and I use a coaching method to help you understand what to do and when to do it.  I don't wield a firm hand but rather careful planning, patience and great timing to better reinforce the behaviors I want and minimize accidents that encourage more unwanted behavior.  I do have training credentials from Animal Behavior College but way beyond that are the annual seminars, monthly online course work, library of training texts, association ties, and most importantly, nearly 1000 dogs trained which have offered me the most knowledge of how to understand your dogs behavior and help it succeed in obedience or behavior modification.   

When you select an in home dog trainer you want someone you can communicate well with and trust with you dog(s).  I come highly recommended from my clients and I have a great yelp review status. 

I work hard to build a strong connection and a system of clear communication between the dogs I train and myself.  I work even harder to make sure you can achieve this connection and comfort with your puppy or dog as well.

Great training means more freedom and off leash opportunities.

I am a standing member and previous facilitator of SCDTF (Southern California Dog Trainers Forum). The SCDTF is an organization of nearly 100 trainers that meets for educational purposes every month.
I am active with the APDT (association of professional dog trainers), and the IAABC (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants), AKC, and a graduate of Animal Behavior College. I also work with the support of Pet Supply of Orange County who I suggest you get to know if you don't.

I use several classic and many modern methods to help train or improve your dog’s behavior. I always start with a very positive and reward based approach.  Corrections are sometimes necessary but what type of correction and its timing are even more important.  Negative punishment or removing a reinforcer can be more affective and teaching than a leash pop or physical correction in many cases.​

I have 4 dogs of my own ranging from chihuahua, chihuahua mixes and a labrador. All of them have taught me to be a better owner and trainer. 

In the end, every problem you have can most often be solved with some added focus, better and consistent communication, structure, predictability and just offering a more calm and collected environment for your dog. From puppies to problems, I am here to help. 

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