Group Training

Proactive Puppy Group Class

5 week class ( Group Classes on hold until further notice) Please contact us for details. 

Safely socialize and train your puppy during their most impressionable time. 

Puppies 10 weeks – 5 months 

Cost $349

All vaccinations are not required to attend. However, puppies must be on a current vaccine protocol through their veterinarian. AVSAB position statement on Vaccinations.

Topics of discussion and training include:

  • – Socialization (What is socialization and best practices for socializing)
  • – Building a solid foundation of trust
  • – Proper Play and exercise
  • – Attention seeking behavior (Jumping, Biting and Barking)
  • – The Dangers of using Punishment (Be Careful!)
  • – Confinement issues (Crating, Tethering and Isolation)
  • – Establishing Boundaries and Consistency
  • – Trifecta of Attention (Look, Touch, and Find-It)
  • – Sit and down on mat
  • – Intro to loose leash walking

– All of my training is force free and without the use of choke, pinch or shock collars. I recommend all puppies come to class in a comfortable harness or a secure buckle or martingale collar with a 6 foot leash.  No retractable leashes are allowed.

We will be using food rewards liberally in some cases however very tactically.

Please bring a treat pouch with lots of small moist yummy treats (my recommendation).

You will also need to bring a mat for your dog to lay on and a chair for you to sit on during class.

Regarding vaccinations: See here.

Next Class: Group Classes Postponed until further notice. Please contact us for details.

at the Animal Wellness Center of OC

Frequently Asked Questions

Life is unpredictable and I always try to offer as much flexibility as I can to my students. However if you miss a class I cannot guarantee you a make-up immediately. You may have to wait to attend another similar class in the future or in some cases I will offer a shorter 20-30min personal session online via zoom or elsewhere at another time/location convenient for us both.  


If for any reason I am cancelling the class (weather, illness, injury, etc) I will arrange for another make-up class in the future. 

Children are welcome to attend but only if they are able to participate safely and not be a distraction to the class. This means no wandering around and limited talking as I will be focused mostly on instructing you and your dogs.  If they are part of the training they must be of age and size to control the dog without risk to the other attendees.  

To maintain proper social distancing and offer fewer distractions to the other dogs and participants only two people per dog may attend.  This allows more learning per dog while still offering the opportunity to socialize in a group class setting.  

Because my first priority is the safety of my clients and their pets, dogs with a history of aggression should not attend until they are able to feel more comfortable in a group setting. Many pets are apprehensive and afraid of other dogs or strangers in close proximity and cannot effectively learn because of it.  If your dog fits this description I encourage you to arrange for either a private online or in person training consultation prior to attending group classes. 


If your dog attends class and demonstrates aggressive behavior I may ask you to leave class to go home.  

Fearful and shy dogs are one of my specialties but group class is generally not a good fit for them.  Dogs can become fearful for many reasons.  They are often rescue dogs, undersocialized dogs, dogs with medical conditions, or dogs with a history of abuse or bad training. To serve these special pets, I suggest you contact me to discuss private training to build confidence and assess the reason your pets are showing signs of fear.  Fear is the most likely reason for aggressive behavior as well so addressing it right away may prevent future aggressive issues. 

For other questions, call us at

(949) 836-6708