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There are many reasons why cannabinoids have gained in popularity for pets.  With many pet owners using and realizing the benefits of cannabinoids like CBD, it is no wonder so many of them are now looking for safe and effective CBD supplements for their pets.  With so many new pet CBD based companies to choose from it can be confusing when looking for the best one for you and your pets.  We recommend a local company called All Paws Essentials.  They have been supplying Pet CBD supplements locally since 2017 and have a huge following in OC.

All of their CBD oil blends are 3rd party lab tested for strength, impurities, and manufactured in an FDA compliant facility with no traces of THC. 

All Paws Essentials Pet CBD is safe for all animals but works more effectively in canines as they have the most available endo-cannabinoid receptors for CBD to bind with.  Here is a list of some of the reasons to consider adding this Pet CBD supplement to your pet's daily regimen. 

  • ​Helps to relieve pain and inflammation (arthritis, nerve pain, sprains, post spay/neuter, tooth pain)
  • Reduces anxious behavior (travel, grooming, social stress, separation, loud noises (fireworks/thunder)
  • Regulates immune system (auto-immune issues like IBD/IBS)
  • Powerful anti-oxidant (like vitamins C and E)
  • May help with seizure disorders (may reduce frequency and intensity of seizures)
  • Helps with Cancer therapy (increases appetite/relieves pain and discomfort)
  • relaxes pet and brings back homeostasis

Pet CBD may be helpful for fearful and nervous dogs who are currently in training and behavior modification programs.  We have found in many cases it reduces fear and anxiety in many pets, allowing for a better learning environment. Please ask us if you are unsure if you should consider giving  All Paws Essentials Pet CBD to your dog(s).

All Paws Essentials is recommended and used by local veterinarians.  

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