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A pets proper health is imperative to getting the best behavior out of them.

If they are feeing stressed or anxious, are in pain, or have any inflammation for any other reason we highly suggest talking to a vet first. Often diet can be adjusted to improve the conditions but sometimes it isn't enough and it may take months for diet to reverse issues like skin conditions, yeast infections. Likewise, pain from soft tissue strains and sprains may take more time to heal than we plan.  

For these kinds of concerns OC Canine Coaching has a partnered with

All Paws Essentials Pet CBD Oil.  It is a human grade product sourced in the USA, lab processed and tested in Irvine, CA and has proven to work over and over on anxiety and stress related issues as well as pain and inflammation through out the body of our pets.   It's effects can benefit all pets, and even ourselves.

Please click the button below to be taken to All Paws Essentials website.  

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