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My philosophy
Want to improve the relationship and communication with your pet through positive reinforcement?
We must meet the basic needs of our pets to expect them to be successful in our world

Of your dogs’ needs, control and the freedom of choice, are in my mind as important as shelter, love, play and food.

Consider our human relationship with the idea of choice and control.

We exert control and choice all day everyday by changing lanes in traffic, eating what we want, sleeping in late, living in a particular city, picking our friends, staying inside or exercising how we like to. As Americans, we have access to more choices than anywhere else in the world. When our choices are limited or made for us against our will, we become frustrated and anxious. See recent pandemic behavior. Under stress, our digestion and sleep may start to change over time and we may start forming unwanted habits and notice our behavior changing for the worse. When we feel out of control we can become quick to react or become aggressive friends and loved ones. We may act depressed if we feel our situation is helpless and our attempts to communicate our distress are ignored or unanswered.

Now imagine you are your dog and don’t know how to communicate your feelings.

The truth is, most problem behaviors stem from unmet needs and lack of control. You and your dog don’t share the same language so communicating these needs can be difficult and seemingly fall on deaf ears for your furry friend.

With my approach you will learn how to:

What I DO NOT do:

You will need:

I work with dogs but I am hired by their humans

  • For training to work we need to connect and feel comfortable as well. 

  • You are your dogs’ teacher forever and I’ll be your coach if you will allow me.

Be well and wag tail!