Available in Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa and Newport Beach.

Are you short on time or have a busy schedule? Do you want a faster paced program similar to a boot camp while allowing your dog to still live in the comfort of their own home? This is ideal as many off-site “bootcamps” have several different trainers working in a stressful environment with methods I often generally do not recommend.

If so, then you should consider our Day Training packages.

If you’re within my immediate service area(Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa and Newport Beach), I personally come to your home and train your dogs anywhere from 3 to 5 days a week. You can either be home during our sessions or we can arrange training while you’re at work.  I can also work with multiple dogs on the same visit with this program. After our planned series of visits I offer an owner transfer session where I’ll show you what cues and behaviors I’ve taught your dog(s) and show you how to maintain the same behaviors. This would be an additional day training session.

This allows for consistency in training with a dog trainer your dogs will love and trust which is necessary for the best learning experience.

While Day Training is a fast track to teach your dog new skills, owners must follow my basic instructions for management and maintenance given in the initial consultation and following transfer sessions. This is true of any training program and may include limiting access, instituting new boundaries and changing some of your normal routines so unwanted behaviors don’t get accidentally rewarded and reinforced. I will make these suggested changes as easy as possible for you leaving me with the heavy lifting.

Day training sessions lasts about 45 minutes.

*Day training must be purchased as a package due to the frequency of visits. 

Packages:  6 months additional text and email support with package purchase.

An in-person or virtual consult is required for all one-on-one training and behavior programs.