Proactive Puppy Training

Get ahead of problems and set your puppy up for success! Learn how to properly manage, stimulate, and fulfil your puppy while creating a lifelong positive relationship.


Puppy Training in Real Life

This is not some place to send your puppy away for boarding. We work directly with you in the environment your puppy lives in with their most important people, and in the safety of your home. How else will your dog learn where to potty? What is safe to chew and what is dangerous? Where they can play and not play? How to behave to get your attention? And How to navigate the strange world they live in? You need someone to come to you!

Proactive Puppy training is important for not only learning how to behave but even more importantly how to feel. How you train your puppy matters. If your puppy has a tough time and learned only what to avoid they may learn to be wary or pessimistic. You want an optimistic puppy who understands the best practices for interacting with your family and friends.  

Because of this we use the latest and greatest positive reinforcement protocols designed to get the best out of your puppy.

Puppy training includes

How to properly socialize (be careful with this)

Name, focus and attention training

Potty training

Enclosure training

Place training

Loose leash walking

Come to your hand


Down + Stay

Release cue

Impulse control

Reducing chewing and nipping

Desensitazation to grooming, travel and separation

How to say hi to strangers and guests

Dropping items from their mouth

Prevention of resource guarding and separation anxiety


Is this my first time meeting your dog?

Please start with an initial training consultation.

Choose in-person or virtual


Each in-person (private) training program starts with an initial consultation that typically lasts about 90 minutes. This first meeting allows me to get to know your pets better, experience the relationship dynamics and assess the environment for immediate considerations that may prove useful to improve your dogs’ behavior.


Like our in person consultation, this first meeting allows me to get to know your pets better, experience the relationship dynamics and assess the environment for immediate considerations that may prove useful to improve your pets’ behavior. This initial in person consultation is a little more talk than action.

Or for on-going training

Select one of them below


Our in person coaching programs are a fantastic choice for many pet owners who might need a more intimate approach, allowing me to show you professional training and behavior modification techniques in person. You will learn how to improve your technique and timing with me present.


Are you short on time or have a busy schedule? Do you want a faster paced program similar to a boot camp while allowing your dog to still live in the comfort of their own home? This is ideal as many off-site “bootcamps” have several different trainers working in a stressful environment with methods I often generally do not recommend.


Are you keeping your distance socially or outside my service area? Online virtual training is a great tool for a wide range of behavior issues and training goals. The main difference is that these visits are conducted over video through Zoom, Skype or Facetime via your home computer and cell phone.

Virtual Online Group Coaching

Is your furry friend making you pull your hair out with their anxious behavior when guests arrive? Does your dog suddenly transform into a “perfect angel” when the trainer is around, leaving you baffled? Look no further! Join me, Bryndon Golya, a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC), for a transformative virtual dog training experience

Frequently Asked Questions

The ideal age to start training your dog is the day you get them. Your dog is already learning what they can do every second of the day. They are learning what to do and how to feel so how you train is imperative. At 8 weeks old your puppy is a sponge and receptive to learning certain things better than later. Right way I would be teaching them how to get what they want with polite behavior, where to potty, confinement training, along with careful exposure to the outside world.

Puppy training can range from our 5 visit program to 20 or more lessons for those who wan’t the most resilient and well mannered dogs. All our training is in person or online. I carefully teach my students the skills they need most for their puppy and lifestyle. We spend time in the home, safely socializing around town, and sometimes in a work setting for those that need it.

There are dozens of behaviors we can teach but most likely your puppy will learn these basics first. Station/Mat training, sit, down, look, drop, hand targeting (come), leash skills, stay and release. These are the most important behaviors pups need to function in our human worlds.

Your puppy will have the opportunity to meet other safe dogs, visit various outdoor environments, with new people, sights and sounds. These experiences are crucial for your puppy before 16 weeks as they help to prevent future behavior issues. I highly advise not keeping your puppy inside your home until all their shots. Unfortunately, some veterinarians still suggest this. Please see the position statement of American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior on this which suggests you get your puppy out early but safely.

All my methods are safe and humane. I specialize in highly effective positive reinforcement strategies to get the best out of your pups.  I do not use positive punishment (adding aversives) to get your puppy to comply. All of my training revolves around trust and a positive relationship. No choke, prong or e collars are ever part of my training.

My clients often hire me for repeat rounds of one-on-one training since dogs’ behavior can ebb and flow with changing conditions, age, and various circumstances. This is true for puppies as they have several important stages in life which includes adolescence. Many of my students enroll in online group or private training after an initial round of in person work to keep the ball rolling.

Absolutely. This is my specialty. I work very well with timid, shy and fearful dogs because my methods are very positive and choice based. Helping unsocialized pups come out of their shells is something I take pride in.

These are actually very normal issues and they can usually be resolved with proper guidance, mental and physical stimulation and management. I have solutions for your toughest puppy problems.

For other questions, call us at

(949) 836-6708