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Max and Harlo

We found Bryndon through a neighbor after we had a bad experience with another trainer. We needed help with some behavior issues that were getting worse after we adopted our new boy Max. We went with the day training as we were going to be away on vacation and wanted out dogs to be better behaved when we got back. Bryndon’s Initial session before we left had me in disbelief. Already the dogs were getting along with another pack of dogs with no barking, walking easier, and making less noise with all the distractions of the beach. So far so good. We have had ups and downs with some behavior since but our friends and family all agree the dogs are so much better behaved. We highly recommend Bryndon and OC Canine Coaching.

The Mcdonald family, Corona Del Mar, CA


Bryndon Golya trained our Doberman Sophie for almost her entire short life. She is on his web site. Sophie was very high energy and lovable. She died of a virulent liver cancer at 18mo. Not only was Bryndon essential to our having a well trained dog to live with, when we faced losing her, Bryndon came to be with us and Sophie when we had to say good-bye. He not only has an amazing intuitive sense of each dog he meets, he allows himself to personally care about his clients and their pets. He strikes a balance between empathy, sensitivity and firmness. He always communicates to the dog who is the leader and who is the pet. He also knows that his real client is the owner who needs to carry out training in between sessions to make the most of what he has to offer. His gifts include reading the needs and perspectives of each pet owner and what is needed in the relationship between a pet and their owner. At the time we lost Sophie he was there holding her and grieving with us. We are now beginning anew with Chelsea, Sophie’s sister, given to us by the breeder. Bryndon will be with us all the way, guiding us and training Chelsea as we go forward.

Sincerely, George and Judy Kent, CDM


Bryndon’s astute ability to determine the training needs of the dogs that he works with, results in positive changes in behavior. My dog Blondie was extremely stubborn on walks, but with only 1 hour of devoted one on one training, I saw marked improvement in my dog’s walking that very same day. Bryndon’s personable and friendly demeanor resonates in a positive training experience for both dog and owner.

Suzy Hochman, Irvine, CA


We thank Bryndon so much for his help in transforming our one-and-a-half year old Italian Greyhound from an aggressive, insecure monster at times into a much calmer, well-adjusted companion. We enjoyed working with him and appreciate your coaching us on how to better handle our dog. Even after first trying to bite him, Bryndon stuck with it and till the end they ended up being friends and kissing.I would absolutely recommend you to anyone needing help with their dogs, and can assure them of your reliability while working with us.

Jeanne Larson

Maggie and Delilah

My roommate and I have had a one year old Labrador Shar-pei mix(Maggie) for about nine months, and recently adopted an eighteen month old boxer(Delilah). Maggie has food/toy aggression issues, and we hadn’t been able to feed them together or give them any treats or toys without them fighting. I had been uncomfortable even having them both out of their crates at the same time while I was home for fear of not being able to control them. Bryndon has begun working with them and we are now able to reward them both with treats and allow them to play with toys for short periods of time without incident. I feel much more comfortable alone with both dogs after only a few short training sessions. Bryndon is amazing with them and it’s easy to see that they trust him and are comfortable with him. They are quickly becoming much more responsive and easier to control, and we are extremely grateful. Libby Farley, Orange, CA


“I totally believe in nothing is a coincidence in life. I met Bryndon at the perfect time in my life. I just got my very first puppy. I was so frustrated because I thought it would be easy since I had watched all of Cesar Milan’s videos. Nope it wasn’t! Bryndon taught me so many things in such a short amount of time that wasn’t addressed on the “Dog Whisperer” show. He helped me to communicate with my Spanish water dog Lula in a way I knew I couldn’t do on my own. He taught me to use the clicker which changed our lives. We learned how to walk without pulling, sit and wait patiently, and also gave us tools to build both of our confidence level – mine and Lula’s. Bryndon was a great coach to me as a new puppy owner. And a great trainer to Lula. The best thing that Bryndon gave us was one on one training which was customized to my needs not his. He patiently answered all my questions and coached me to be patient as well. I am forever grateful to Bryndon and would hire him again if I ever got another puppy!”


Bryndon was the trainer for our MaltiPoo puppy, Lola. Lola began her training at age 5 months. At that time she was not house broken, would not respond to her name, and would not follow any of our commands. Bryndon patiently trained us on how to train Lola. Today, Lola is house broken, sits and lies down on command, and leaves things alone when told. She also immediately returns to us upon hearing our clicker, so that we never have to call her repeatedly. Bryndon fulfilled all of our expectations, and now Lola behaves exactly as we want.

Bryndon was also easily accessible, flexible, and very responsive to our needs and our schedule. Although we have finished our routine training sessions, we will have no hesitation in calling Bryndon should a need arise.

Mark and Dyanne Drucker


My wife and I adopted a 1 yr old male boxer pup from a rescue shelter last May. Immediately after bringing him home we noticed he had a few serious and not so serious issues that needed fixing if he was going to stay with our family. He is a 75 pound very hyper boxer that also had not been properly socialized with dogs or humans. He would try to dominate most dogs he came into contact with and was very hesitant towards humans (some growling and his hair would stand up). We enlisted the help of Bryndon and this saved our dog. He was able to first teach our dog all the obedience commands (sit, stay, lay down, proper leash walking and so on), which made a humongous difference in our dog. His gentle, yet leadership style of training allowed my dog to respect him and made him want to listen. More importantly, he turned our dog into a respectful and loving pet. He socialized him, even brought his own dog to training sessions to help my boxer learn how to play nicely. We did a ton of off leash training and now I can have my dog off leash in any environment.

Also, we did sessions at the dog parks and he taught our dog how to play well with all dogs and be friendly with humans. It was not an overnight thing because nothing is when it comes to animals with bad habits. However, he completely changed our pet beyond what I thought was possible and now we have the perfect pet. I would never hire any other dog trainer than Bryndon!!

Alec and Brittany, Huntington Beach


Although I didn’t think that I could ever handle Harley due to my limitations, he performed very well with your instruction. I was especially pleased that you tailored the training to my disability and was patient in working with me. Harley was the first dog I have owned and I had a lot to learn about handling him. I really appreciated the extra tips and time you gave on being a more confident, responsible dog owner.
I considered another trainer but was fearful that their approach was somewhat rougher.

Thank you for your kindness while dealing with Harley. Of course I would rate your services with the highest rating possible and would recommend you to others without hesitation. Thank you. Having a pet is so much more enjoyable now that he is trained.

Lisa LeGrand, Huntington Beach