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Refine your dog’s behavior with Santa Ana’s top-notch training, tailored for urban and cultural adaptation.



The bustling urban environment of Santa Ana can sometimes lead to anxiety in dogs, with its dense population and lively streets. OC Canine Coaching is well-versed in the challenges urban life poses to our canine friends. From the vibrant markets to the busy parks, we offer specialized strategies to help your dog navigate the city’s stimuli with confidence, ensuring they can enjoy Santa Ana’s rich culture and community life alongside you.


In the vibrant city of Santa Ana, instances of dog aggression can disrupt the urban harmony. OC Canine Coaching approaches such challenges with empathy and expertise, understanding the root causes of aggression and avoiding punitive methods. Our goal is to cultivate a sense of security and trust in your dog, enabling them to become a calm and sociable member of the Santa Ana community, ready for any city adventure.



Santa Ana’s lively atmosphere, with its bustling streets and public spaces, can be overwhelming for reactive dogs. OC Canine Coaching specializes in helping your dog manage their reactivity in this dynamic environment. By pinpointing specific triggers and employing positive training techniques, we guide your dog towards calm and controlled behavior, making every urban outing enjoyable and stress-free.


Raising a puppy in the culturally rich and diverse setting of Santa Ana presents a unique chance for comprehensive training. OC Canine Coaching’s puppy training is designed to mesh with the city’s lifestyle, emphasizing socialization, obedience, and good behavior. Our positive reinforcement approach ensures your puppy learns to thrive in the urban landscape, laying the groundwork for a lifetime of enjoyable experiences in Santa Ana’s vibrant community.


Is this my first time meeting your dog?

Please start with an initial training consultation.

Choose in-person or virtual


Each in-person (private) training program starts with an initial consultation that typically lasts about 90 minutes. This first meeting allows me to get to know your pets better, experience the relationship dynamics and assess the environment for immediate considerations that may prove useful to improve your dogs’ behavior.


Like our in person consultation, this first meeting allows me to get to know your pets better, experience the relationship dynamics and assess the environment for immediate considerations that may prove useful to improve your pets’ behavior. This initial in person consultation is a little more talk than action.

Or for on-going training

Select one of them below


Our in person coaching programs are a fantastic choice for many pet owners who might need a more intimate approach, allowing me to show you professional training and behavior modification techniques in person. You will learn how to improve your technique and timing with me present.


Are you short on time or have a busy schedule? Do you want a faster paced program similar to a boot camp while allowing your dog to still live in the comfort of their own home? This is ideal as many off-site “bootcamps” have several different trainers working in a stressful environment with methods I often generally do not recommend.


Are you keeping your distance socially or outside my service area? Online virtual training is a great tool for a wide range of behavior issues and training goals. The main difference is that these visits are conducted over video through Zoom, Skype or Facetime via your home computer and cell phone.

Virtual Online Group Coaching

Is your furry friend making you pull your hair out with their anxious behavior when guests arrive? Does your dog suddenly transform into a “perfect angel” when the trainer is around, leaving you baffled? Look no further! Join me, Bryndon Golya, a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC), for a transformative virtual dog training experience

Reasons To Fall In Love With Us,

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75+ Verified Reviews And Testimonials From Happy Dog Owners Across Orange County.

Recommended by local
veterinarians, pet stores, and other esteemed animal behavior colleagues. We have several Yelp and Google reviews to help you make a good decision in who you trust with your best friend.


None Of Our Programs Involve Shock, Choke Or Prong Collars.

You are not responsible for dominating your dog and you don’t have to learn to be “Alpha”. Training will not be painful or scary. We use reward based methods as these help increase good behavior and strengthen your relationship.


We Are Continually Learning And Adapting.

I regularly attend education lectures, seminars and events annually with some of the biggest names in the world of training and behavior to stay up to speed on the latest in positive, science based strategies and protocols.

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We Offer A Wide Variety Of Training Options.

We offer a wide variety of training options for our clients including basic and advanced puppy classes, new rescue training and orientation, reactivity and
aggression training, off leash
preparedness training, training for the very sensitive and shy, as well as trick classes for those just wanting to have fun with their dogs.

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Results That You Love.

75+ verified reviews and counting.

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Our first priority is helping families better appreciate their dogs and engage them with a deeper understanding of their needs. We do this while helping you learn how to reinforce and maintain desirable behaviors, alleviating the need to punish!​

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Bryndon took time at the outset to sit with us, understand our concerns and needs, develop a plan, and take us through the steps needed to provide us with the details needed and how the dogs would respond to specific stimuli. Together over the course of a few weeks, we worked together to change or modify bad habits or behaviors in our older dog, and to get our manic puppy trained.

I give my highest rating. He knows exactly what to do — but you need to pay attention.

Jeff K.

Jeff K.

We cannot express enough how wonderful Bryndon is! We have had 2 akitas in the past and now have a puppy. Bryndon started training her at 8 weeks. She is now 4 months old and we can’t believe what a good dog she is learning to become. Bryndon is patient and a excellent teacher for us as well. We love OC Canine Coaching and would recommend him in an instant. Invest in your puppy…it makes all the difference!

Patty F.

Patty F.

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Such a master at training. I am almost done with a 6 session package with Bryndon and my golden retriever, Oakley, is
responding so great ! Bryndon is very positive and gentle with his style which I like a lot, and it really has been effective with Oakley. Main thing I wanted was for Oakley was to be able to walk without pulling and stay right next to me, he is doing so well thanks to Bryndon ! And it helps that Bryndon is such a nice guy, and truly cares about dogs so much. He even went into Oakleys diet with me and changed some things the day he educated me. Thank you so much Bryndon!! Stoked for our next session 🙂

Ryan B.

Ryan B.

Bryndon is great! He trained our Goldendoodle puppy from when she was small until 10 months and she’s well behaved because of his training and guidance. He also helped when we got our second puppy a Labradoodle at 8 months. He helped us learn how to have 2 puppies at the same time. He’s calm and collected and my puppies love him! Highly recommend him!

Tara B.

Tara B.

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we just finished a series of 6 lessons with our two adult dogs, i was worried that a because i had waited so long to work with them they wouldn’t be able to change. Brandon is the dog whisperer, we has our dogs behavior changed so much in such a short time. Ive noticed that my distracted dog seems to pay attention and walks are now no longer painful but enjoyable because we aren’t being pulled down the street. If your looking to make some changes in your home Bryndon is the man!

Heather P.

Heather P.

This review is long overdue! We adopted an almost 1 year shelter dog that was a handful! I called Bryndon and he came to our home twice. He gave us great advice, and also suggested some tools and toys that would help us work with him and keep him entertained. I love that he isn’t about ‘dominance’ and instead focused on how to keep him from getting bored and making him work for attention and food. He’s a much better dog now, and when I see that we are slacking as dog parents I go back to what Bryndon taught us. This was money well spent!

Valerie J.

Valerie J.

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Bryndon is the best!!! He’s friendly, professional and from the minute he meets your dog/puppy he begins training. He’s energetic and comes with a world full of knowledge. He makes it so easy and my Bentley is VERY receptive to him. He is very fare with his rates and will work with your schedule to make it easy. Simply put, I wouldn’t want anyone else to train my puppy— he’s definitely worth it. And Bentley gets better after each training session.

Mary O.

Mary O.

OC Canine Coaching was invaluable in helping me manage my new Malti-poo pup Lucy. I was having potty training issues, plus Lucy was a bit of a stubborn dog. Bryndon was very engaging, and with his great technique, she quickly picked up cues from him. She certainly is easier to handle now!

I appreciated Bryndon’s attentiveness and guidance in applying what Lucy has learned to our everyday activities. Most importantly training has helped Lucy become an integral part of our family. I could not be happier with OC Canine!

Lila M.

Lila M.

Get to Know

Bryndon Golya, CDBC

IAABC with bryndonWelcome to OC Canine Coaching! I established this venture in 2010, driven by an unwavering passion for dogs that has grown even stronger with time. I consistently immerse myself in education, refining my approach to center on relationship-based training as opposed to more traditional methods. Holding a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC) certification from IAABC, I’ve constructed my expertise on empathy, understanding, and evidence-based training methods.

In Santa Ana, only a few other behavior consultants hold this esteemed CDBC certification. I chose this certificate due to its rigorous nature, allowing my clients to trust the advice and behavioral suggestions I provide. As dog training remains unregulated, and without proper experience or understanding, anyone can claim to be a ‘dog trainer’ or ‘behaviorist.’ This highlights the paramount importance of entrusting your dogs to capable hands.


Frequently Asked Questions

No, you do not need to show proof of vaccinations prior to training. Many pet owners choose to titer test their pets which allows a far less frequent vaccination schedule. And because we work privately, vaccinations are at your own discretion.

Yes, I regularly consult and work with fearful and aggressive dogs in Santa Ana. Many of these pets have a previous bite history and their owners know they can not afford to have another incident.

Our services are affordably priced for the value we provide our clients and we have several programs to choose from. Our most affordable option is through virtual online training since no travel is involved. Our in-person coaching and full-day training options are slightly higher priced, as they are more intensive on my end and do involve travel. Please see current pricing here.

Great Question! As mentioned before, my methods are reward based, focusing on positive reinforcement principles. I use and recommend different kinds of food treats, kibble, toys, engagement, and play to make a lasting impression on your dog(s). At OC Canine Coaching, we put a significant amount of attention on the human component of training and make sure you are capable of teaching your dog when we are away. We do not encourage the practice of coercion, fear or dominance based methods. For this reason, we discourage the use of prong, choke and shock collars as teaching tools since the risk of fallout is too high. As a simplification, OC Canine Coaching strives to adhere to the principles of LIMA (least intrusive and minimally aversive).

The answer is, “it depends”. Dog training has many factors that can influence the time it takes to learn new behaviors. These factors include the length of time your dog has been practicing his bad behaviors, his ability to learn new behaviors and the amount of time and attention you are capable of providing during the training process. Since a good amount of how dogs behave has to do with how we behave and respond to them, the owner’s behaviors generally have to change to some degree for lasting results. How long will it take you to stick to a program? Dog training is not magic and, in reality, there is no such thing as “nipping it in the bud”.


The good news is I can quickly shape and reinforce new good behaviors quickly and teach you how to keep previous bad behaviors from being further rehearsed. This is the recipe for fast and long lasting results.


For Private Coaching: Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Fountain Valley, Orange, Santa Ana, Laguna Beach, Westminster, and Lake Forest.


For day training: Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley and parts of Irvine.


Virtual Online training: anywhere in the United States.


Guarantees are a tricky thing with animal behavior.

I can guarantee that I will show up as agreed and offer you the best of my knowledge and expertise. I guarantee I will not leave your dog in a worse place than before, and you will absolutely learn more about your dog. For years I have partnered with several professional training associations that clearly advise against behavior guarantees of any kind. 

Per the APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers): “Members should refrain from giving guarantees regarding the outcome of training because there is no sure way to guarantee the cooperation and performance of all parties involved and because the knowledge of animal behavior is incomplete.”

In fact, it is a huge red flag in the professional training world to make such claims. The vast majority of trainers claiming to guarantee results are using out-dated, aversive training methods and misunderstand the complexity of animal behavior. These methods can result in something called learned helplessness, often masking problem behaviors without addressing the actual issues.

For more info on why guarantees aren’t appropriate, see these links.

Totally! My day-training program may be a great fit as it requires much less of your time. A hybrid of in-person and online classes may also be a great fit.


Contact me for specifics.


That depends. The most important first step in finding the right coach and trainer is finding someone with whom you trust and communicate well. That person should be able to answer your most important questions and concerns. I am very confident in my abilities and come highly recommended by my clients, local veterinarians, local pet businesses, as well as other mentor-trainers more experienced and credentialed than I.


Contact me today and see if we’re a good fit.


For other questions, call us at

(949) 836-6708