(approx. 1 hour each)

Are you keeping your distance socially or outside my service area?

Online virtual training is a great tool for a wide range of behavior issues and training goals.

The main difference is that these visits are conducted over video through Zoom, Skype or Facetime via your home computer and cell phone.

Online training with my coaching method is a great option over in person visits for a number of reasons.

These visits are particularly helpful for dogs who are fearful or nervous about strangers in the home. Sometimes having a new person in the home right away makes the visit too stressful for certain dogs to learn.

Additionally, some dogs act like angels when I am over and revert back to old behavior as soon as I leave. In these situations, virtual training actually offers me more insight into these dogs’ behaviors than in persons visits and allows me to quickly see the triggers and behaviors you want addressed.

Packages: All packages include 6 months email and text support.

An in-person or virtual consult is required for all one-on-one training and behavior programs.