🐾 Unleash Your Dog’s Potential with Virtual Office Hours Problem Solving 🐾

Is your furry friend making you pull your hair out with their anxious behavior when guests arrive? Does your dog suddenly transform into a “perfect angel” when the trainer is around, leaving you baffled? Look no further! Join me, Bryndon Golya, a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC), for a transformative virtual dog training experience that brings harmony and understanding to your home.

🏠 Calm Canines Learn Better: With virtual training, there’s no need to disrupt your dog’s serenity by having a stranger at your doorstep. Calmer dogs learn better, and virtual sessions keep your pup relaxed and eager to participate.

🚗 No More ‘Mechanic Effect’: Say goodbye to the mysterious “mechanic effect” where your dog miraculously behaves perfectly in front of the trainer. In our virtual training, your dog will reveal their true colors and behaviors, allowing us to address issues at their root.

👀 Undivided Attention: With no distractions, your dog can give you their full focus during training. Together, we’ll unlock their potential and build a stronger bond.

🤝 Connect & Learn: Join a community of dog lovers facing similar challenges. Learn from others’ experiences, share insights, and connect with a highly credentialed dog trainer who can provide instant solutions to your daily training hurdles.

🌟 Affordable Excellence: Enjoy top-notch training advice without breaking the bank. Virtual office hours provide a cost-effective way to access expert guidance from the comfort of your home.

Don’t let behavior problems stand in the way of a loving and harmonious relationship with your dog. Join our virtual training sessions and watch your furry friend transform before your eyes! 🐶💕

Suggested Training Topics Include: 

– Barking issues

– Door Dashing

– Jumping on guests

– Puppy issues ( Potty, chewing, nipping, attention seeking)

– Proper Socialization ( What it is and isn’t)

– How to help fearful puppies and dogs become more confident

– Aggression ( Resource Guarding, Leash Reactivity, Rough Play )

– Outlets for frustration

– Mental Stimulation and Enrichment techniques

– Anxiety ( Separation, Car rides, General anxiety)

– Better Listening and Responsiveness!

Ready to embark on this exciting journey? Contact Bryndon Golya, CDBC, today and let’s take the first step toward a happier, more balanced life with your pup. 🐾🌟

Other Office Hours Highlights: See live demos with my own dogs. Watch pre recorded videos you can learn from on the spot. If you can’t make it, you can email me and I will address your issues and you can watch the recording.

*Your first two weeks are free to try it out.

$119 a month auto-billed after that.
Cancel at any time. Must cancel 48 hours prior to the next 30 day billing cycle.

Free 30-day trial with any in-person consultation or package purchase.

Tuesday and Thursday at 3 pm and Wednesdays at 6pm.
Each lesson is 45 minutes long.